Private Run Coaching

A good running program is an individualized program. Through this program you will receive an individualized training schedule based on your past experiences and running level. The training schedule is geared toward getting you to run faster and helping you reach your running goals, whether those are getting ready for your first 5k or keeping you injury free in your competitive season through smart training.  

Program Options:

FREE TRIAL: 30 minute FREE phone consult when you sign up for any one month program

Level 1 Individualized Training Schedule

  • includes individualized monthly training schedules
  • unlimited email access with the coach
  • tailored training with specific pace goals for runs and workouts, race strategy consults, and sports nutrition

Level 2 Individualized Training Schedule

  • includes unlimited adjustments to the training program
  • includes weekly phone consultations with the coach
  • unlimited email access with the coach
  • tailored training with specific pace goals for runs and workouts, race strategy consults, and sports nutrition

Program Add-Ons

The following options can be added on to any of the above run coaching programs or purchased individually

In-Person Coaching

Schedule weekly, monthly, or a one-time meeting with a coach to receive coaching assistance through a supervised workout, form and gait analysis consultations, or an individual trail run.

Sports Nutrition Coaching

This service is perfect for individuals looking to support their optimal health and performance through individualized assistance with wellness and sports nutrition. 

Strength Training/Personal Training

This program is designed for someone looking to increase components of fitness and overall health. It will work with you towards accomplishing specific fitness goals, whether those might be weight loss, body composition goals, or increasing muscular endurance. These sessions take place both in a gym as well as outside. 


This option allows you to mix and match different coaching and nutrition services or customize a specific plan that meets your needs, including injury prevention and rehabilitation programs from injuries to safely return you to your training schedule. Please use the contact section for enquiries or email me at


Athlete Testimonials

"Liz coached me in the six months leading up to my first 50k. She started by reviewing my stride in person, gave me a set of warm-up exercises, and we got aligned on my goals/running history. Then she sent me a detailed spreadsheet of workouts each month, and we coordinated about details over email a few times a week. Her plans were super-detailed, evolved based on my own progress, and pushed the bar beyond any level of running I had ever done on my own. I had used Hal Higdon online training plans, which are kind of worthless compared to working with a coach like Liz. I did well in the 50k, had no injuries along the way, and had huge gains in speed and endurance. I was never bored with the training plans, and running became a lot more enjoyable and a more structured part of my life. As a point of reference, by the end of the routine I was able to run to the top of Mt. Tam and back on the weekends, and looked forward to it. I hugely recommend working with Liz if you want to improve as a runner." -Taylor H.
"Liz is wonderful. I started working with her to train for a marathon but decided to stop as my goals changed. She helped me by designing a program that would develop the strength necessary to meet my goals safely and worked with me to get my nutrition where it needed to be as well. She helped me all along the way through deciding to train for the marathon, and even through realizing that wasn't really what I wanted to be doing with my body. Working with Liz has overall changed my progress with my overall fitness but more importantly my life for the better. I cannot thank her enough for her knowledge, kindness, and patience. 100% recommended. Seriously contact me and I will tell you how great I think she is." -Kenna L.
"Liz worked with our daughter who was struggling to keep up on her soccer team. In just a few sessions we saw amazing improvement. After a few months, our daughter went from the slowest kid after the goalie to 2nd or 3rd fastest on the team. Liz made running fun for our daughter, and she's become amazingly fit because it's no longer work. Thanks Liz." -Derrick R.
"Liz is not only super knowledgeable and professional, she's also a delight to work with and it makes a world of a difference that she's a competitive female runner - she knows exactly how workouts feel, how they affect your body and how to piece together a cohesive training plan to make you improve. Liz has personally helped me to get over a pesky knee and hip injury, and she's been amazing all the way. If you're looking for a kind and smart coach to help you set goals and attain them, Liz is your person." -Gabriela A.
"I have only great things to say about Liz; I have been training with her for about 6 months and she is one of the best coaches I have ever worked with.  I am returning to sprinting after many years of distance running; she quickly and accurately assessed my starting point and I was surprised how much I progressed in a relatively short period of time.  She is extremely knowledgeable about all areas of track & field including organizations, gear and meets.  I'm about to compete in a master's meet next months and though I'm nervous about racing again I am confident that I'll be prepared because I'm training with Liz." -Wendy C.
Liz is one of the most knowledgeable and supportive trainers I've ever had the pleasure of being trained under. As one of her athletes at College of Marin Track and Field, Liz combines professional training with unique team dynamics that really let athletes achieve the best of their abilities. Liz creates personalized training schedules and tailors them to the goals the athletes have and the ability that she sees in every individual. Liz will help you reach the goals that you have yet to set for yourself. As long as you are as dedicated as her, you will do great." -Emile A.
"I highly recommend training with Liz Gill. She is motivating and pushes her clients past what they thought were their physical and mental limits, while making the workouts fun and rewarding. One thing I really appreciate and that sets Liz apart is her ability to make the most out of beautiful and scenic locations throughout the SF bay area. One example is her MoveWith classes at Baker Beach and Tennessee Valley. The awe-inspiring settings make even the most difficult workouts feel just a little easier." -Shelby L.
"Liz is inspiring, motivating and pushes you just enough that you grow and feel proud after your workouts with her. I'm grateful for the mental and physical fitness I've gained via attending her workouts!" -M.C.
"Liz Gill was my high school cross-country coach, and with her I've done summer and winter RanMarin as well as a few MoveWith classes at Baker Beach. Liz is a wonderful coach. In terms of making training schedules she is experienced, realistic, and creative. Liz is motivating in a kind and inspiring way. She is knowledgeable and resourceful when it comes to injuries, nutrition, and cross-training. She knows every trail in Marin and appreciates the beautiful paths and vistas as much the intensity of training and racing. In addition to being an incredibly accomplished athlete, she is a serious adventure-seeker and world traveler with many stories to share!" -K.S.
"I've been training with Liz Gill for over a year and she is an amazing trainer.  I've enjoyed her Move With classes at Baker Beach and Tennessee Valley.  She mixes running with core workouts and it really makes you a stronger runner.  I feel I have more speed and am a stronger athlete.  If you are interested in getting stronger I strongly encourage you to try her classes." -Michele B.
“Participating in the Ranmarin training program last summer and this winter has been one of the key secrets to achieving a peak level of fitness during the season. Ranmarin helps build a solid base of fitness for all high school runners; no matter their fitness level at the beginning of the program, runners will see rapid improvement in their fitness and will gain the ability to complete longer and faster runs throughout the solid weeks of training that Ranmarin provides. Gaining that kind of background fitness sets runners up perfectly for a successful and fun cross country or track season in which they will likely see their PR’s drop.” –Julia Maxwell, Stanford University XC/Track (formerly at Branson High School)
“Ranmarin gives you such an edge in the season that most of the girls won’t have. It helps you with race strategies, workouts, and injury prevention. It has also helped me make crazy improvements!” -Sophia Noto, University of Portland XC/Track (formerly at Drake High School)
“Ranmarin Winter Training helped me not only build a solid foundation of fitness but also a confidence that I trained as effectively and intelligently as possible for my first-ever track season.” –Anna Harleen, Williams College XC/Track (formerly at Branson High School)

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